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Cases Hence

Processes attended:

1-  Analysis of real estate portfolio for the launch of CRI (Real Estate Receivables Certificates): Volume, composition, duration, average rate, NPL provisioning (according to BCB’s 2682 resolution or proprietary methodology), LTV, historical NPL, prepayment , cash flow.

2- Financial diligence: Reading of debt confession agreements with data extraction. Comparison of the extracted data with the installments registered in the receivables system.

3- Individual credit concession analysis: Model of real estate credit analysis that produces a risk score to support the analyst in the concession, or not, of credit to the individual applicant.

Cases HCI

HCI – Hence Customer Insights. Plataforma de pesquisa de intenção de compra.

Cases N-Hence

N-Hence Manufacturing. Plataforma para maximização de fabricação de produtos sem defeito.

Cases HRD

HRD – Hence Receivables Digiligence. Plataforma para digiligência de carteira de recebíveis, exceto recebíveis imobiliários.